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The Jovanovich family will operate Bosko's again after renovating the Keego Harbor favorite.
What was once known as the "hub of Keego Harbor" is back with a facelift and a new menu to satisfy breakfast and lunch diners alike. Brothers Dave and John Jovanovich said they had been renovating the restaurant since April 2012 after the previous Dunkin' Donuts shop vacated about two years ago. Dave Jovanovich, a West Bloomfield resident, said that the original Bosko's was opened in 1982 by his father, Bosko Jovanovich. Together with his family, including sister and mother, Dave said that the small coffee shop worked to give the community an area to congregate.

Our  menu features some familiar names as well as some experiments awaits Bosko's faithful. Regular hot drinks (ranges $1.55-2.50) include Great Lakes Coffee and Ghirardelli hot chocolate, while fresh Zingerman's Bakehouse products are normally featured on an array of sandwiches (breakfast sandwiches start at $2.25, deli sandwiches top out at $7.99 without extras). However, Dave said, the location is best-known to Keego Harbor for doughnuts, after the business went to being called Dawn Donuts and subsequently Dunkin' Donuts. That reputation should be kept intact, as Bosko's now offers some inspired choices of "super" and "fancy" doughnuts in addition to a more traditional lineup of flavors ($0.95-$1.50 apiece, a dozen costs $7.59).

"We've got some ideas and we'll see what people want to eat," Dave said, adding an example of a maple-and-bacon flavored doughnuts as one which is expected to be available. Bosko's has also added a lineup of specialty drinks both hot and cold, including cappuccinos, lattes, frappes, and smoothies. Renovations for customers include a dining room with several small tables, attractive, inviting hardwood on the walls, and a drive-through service.
Despite what has changed, Dave said, the Bosko's customer following has remained.

"I remember a line out the door and business hopping from 6 or 7 to 12 noon every day. My mom knew everyone," Dave said. "There were kids she had seen grow from being very little into adults."
"When we were working to renovate the building, there would be regulars coming up to us all the time, saying, 'How are you? When are you going open?'"

Dave said that this is the first time the business will be operated by the family since 2003, when Dunkin' Donuts was sold. After taking a year off, Dave said, he worked for a family catering company based in Livonia. Last fall, he added, the catering company moved into the Keego Harbor site.


Meet the Origional Bosko! Bosko Jovanovich original owner of Bosko's!